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a vegetarian diet

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a vegetarian diet

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I never thought I would actually move towards being fully vegetarian, but it seems I am already well on my way. But I have a wonderful friend who is, and I have always wondered how it would work out for me. Making baby steps, (I need to be careful with food because of my daily dance training and dependance on energy and even blood values), I am slowly changing my diet to suit my body and mind perfectly.

I came across the blog Raptitude ( when I was stumbling through the internet for something to rest my eyes and mind on, (and discovered this blog is really, really worth reading). The post "What I discovered when I went vegan for 30 days" (link:… had me change parts of my diet to see whether it would affect my focus and happiness on a daily basis. At least I get better concience from eating more vegetables and fruit, and as for me as a student, it feels good on my wallet too. As I am lactose-intolerant and sensitive to milk at times, this is the only downside of this meal. I will try and replace the milk with sour/yoghurt milk instead, to see if it is nicer on my metabolism.

So this is a photodocumentation of my new favourite breakfast: chopped apple (sometimes also kiwi or/and banana) and müsli grains with cinnamon and sugar on the top. A glass of orange juice, a cup of tea on the side and something easy-on-the-mind to wake me up… – and my morning is p.e.r.f.e.c.t.

I’ve been reading some lately about indian wisdom of food, diets for buddhists and yogis ( f.i. ), vegans and vegetarians… and how certain types of perople need certain kinds of food in order for the body and mind to be destressed and in balance. This got me more interested in becoming more conscious of which kinds of food I consume. Did you know dark chocolate is just as good for your immune system as oranges? That raisins are good for your teeth/oral hygiene? From now on I will try and eat more consciously. It is also important to enjoy your food. I have always tought of eating as daily routine, but why not start really enjoy it? We do in fact spend great amount of time eating throughout our lives. Is your tea green or black? Today mine will be green – for my heart and well being. And I never knew a pizza before that tasted as ( good as the Mediterane I had with my vegan friend this Easter.

Please share if you have any thoughts, ideas and/or related experience. Advice is also welcome!

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a vegetarian diet

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